Tiger Woods tells it like it is on aggressive comeback schedule

PACIFIC PALISADES, Calif.—Everything about Genesis Open media day bore the signs of vintage Tiger Woods.

With one exception.

An admission of “concern” over playing four of the next five weeks – following just one start in the last 500 or so days – proved a welcome change from someone whose superhuman pride has often left him unable to admit vulnerability to age, injury and even bad luck.

Answering questions Monday in front of a global media presence and live Golf Channel audience about the upcoming Genesis Open, Woods admitted what any back sufferer knows: it’s a lot of golf right out of the chute.

“That is a concern (playing so much these next two months), there’s no doubt about it,” Woods said.

Navy Seal Tiger would never have allowed such reticence to bubble up in an open forum. In the past, he protected his pride but lost fans for admitting the obvious concern when his body deserted him and his confidence waned.

Now, however, with the sports world having missed Woods and the undeniable cache he delivers like no one else, such signs of vulnerability will only see him gain more fans and buy him more patience should his comeback start slowly.

Tiger Woods (Getty Images)