The New 2011 Powakaddy Sport Electric Golf Trolley

The PowaKaddy Sport Electric Golf Trolley 2011 now on sale from Golf Direct, an Authorised Internet Powakaddy Retailer. The PowaKaddy Sport Electric Golf Trolley 2011 is a superbly engineered trolley combines the latest lightweight and super strength materials with a powerful 200 watt motor. It is very stable, easy to manoeuvre and folds in a no-fuss, 3 way movement to fit into the smallest of car boots. It is the latest 2011 electric golf trolley from leading manufacturer Powakaddy.
This latest golf trolley features a compact stylish three way folding aluminium frame with a high contrast LCD display with battery indicator, speed display and clock. This electric trolley has a powerful and quiet 200 watt motor which glides your clubs smoothly around the golf course. In addition the Sport trolley has a Distance Function Button, a new ergonomic soft grip handle and a responsive speed control roller. The Powakaddy Sport Lead Acid comes with all the functionality of the Lithium models but comes with the choice of a lightweight 18 holes battery or a 36 holes battery. It is available in a Black or White.
Powakaddy 2011 Sport Features:
  • Compact Stylish 3 way folding aluminium frame
  • Powerful and quiet 200 watt motor
  • High Contrast LCD Screen, featuring:
  • Speed setting display
  • Battery Indicator
  • Clock
  • Separate Digital Distance Function Button
  • New ergonomic soft grip handle
  • Responsive Speed Control Roller
  • Universal bag stay and soft grip pads
  • Stylish Sports Wheels
For more information, to view or buy this Powakaddy Sport Electric Trolley 2011 click the link here or any of the images.

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