Horschel calls out Chamblee after comments about Tiger’s swing

The swing analysis game, especially when it comes to Tiger Woods, can be a tricky one.

Few know this more than Golf Channel analyst Brandel Chamblee, who has often offered his (unfettered) opinions about Woods’ swing.

Chamblee’s criticism of the swing on the right (Woods’ 2013 action) piqued the interest of Billy Horschel.

The four-time PGA Tour winner agreed the left swing was better but was *curious* about Chamblee’s “Trackman-drunk” determination for the right motion.

From there, the conversation got choppy fast. Chamblee gave his explanation but Horschel began questioning the analyst’s credibility when it comes to swing critique, noting that Chamblee is “a ghost on the range.”

It was part of a long series of replies from Horschel, who alternately complimented Chamblee’s work ethic and great stats work and called him out for critiquing swings while spending little time on the range.

We’re glad it ended (for now) with a smile on Horschel’s face. Still, does Horschel make a good point?

Regardless, Chamblee continues to be a master at getting passion for the golf swing to be unleashed