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The Basics of Golf Equipment and general information on Golf clubs including golf Woods, golf drivers sale, golf iron sets, golf putters, golf wedges and other golf equipment. A set of golf clubs is restricted to no more than 14 clubs. What constitutes this set depends on your preferences. In general, a set will include the following clubs:

  • Golf Driver (1 Wood)
  • Fairway Woods 3, 5 (may include 7 wood or 9 wood)
  • Hybrid (may include more hybrids such as hybrid 3, hybrid 4, hybrid 5 etc)
  • Irons 3 iron, 4 iron, 5 iron, 6 iron, 7 iron, 8 iron, 9 iron
  • Wedges Pitching Wedge, sand wedge (may include more wedges such as 60 deg wedge, gap wedges and other wedges)
  • Putter (there is a large selection of different putters to choose from)

In addition, Hybrid Clubs are gaining a major following. They combine both a wood and iron design and are some of the most forgiving and easiest clubs to hit to date. Some information on what kind of golf ball may be best for you is in our Golf Ball section.

To buy golf clubs see all the Golf Direct Club categories

Some points to consider before buying golf clubs:


The shaft is the axle of the club, the better the shaft, the better the club. Shaft flex has a major effect on the feel of a golf club and a medium effect on distance, thus an important determination in choosing clubs. If you do not know your speed swing (mph or km/h) you can get your local club pro to measure it for you. Otherwise the following chart may be helpful.



Driver speed swing less than 60 mph (100 km/h). Driver carry distance less than 180 yds. Club used from 150 yds would be a 3 iron or hybrid.


Driver speed swing 60-75 mph (100-120 km/h). Driver carry distance 180-210 yds. Club used from 150yds would be a 4 iron.


Driver speed swing 75-84 mph (120-135 km/h). Driver carry distance 210-240 yds. Club used from 150 yds would be 5 or 6 iron.


Driver speed swing 84-93 mph (130-150 km/h). Driver carry distance 240-260 yds. Club used from 150 yds would be a 6 or 7 iron.


Driver speed swing over 93 mph (150 km/h). Driver carry distance 260+ yds. Club used from 150 yds would be an 8 or 9 iron. 3. Beginners and novice players choosing a set make-up should consider eliminating the 2, 3 and 4 irons from their set, replacing those hard to hit irons with #3, #4 and #5 hybrid clubs. You may want to view our great value for money Golf Hybrid Clubs selection.

All golfers should use standard length clubs unless he or she is short or tall. Standard length clubs allow players to hit the ball on centre a higher percentage of the time, thus increasing distance and accuracy. In recent years, light weight Titanium driver heads and Ultralight graphite shafts have extended driver playing lengths from a standard 43-43 1/2″ to 44-46″. The longer the club, the more club head speed generated, thus more distance however the longer the club the more difficult it is to control, thus less accuracy. To put this into perspective, the following information will be helpful. A driver hit on centre at 43″ may go 250 yds, 43 1/2″may go 262 yds, 44″ may go 270 yds, 44 1/2″ may go 275 yds and 45″ may go 275-280 yds. As you can see a significant increase in distance is achieved up to 44″. After 44″, distance increases only a minimal amount. The conclusion i that it is not worth sacrificing accuracy for the minimal amount of distance gained past 44″ and therefore we recommend you keep the golf driver playing lengths to 44″ or less.


Men (Age 14-55) Steel shafted irons, graphite shafted woods Men (Age 55+) Graphite shafted irons and woods. Note the switch to graphite irons. As we get older the speed swing slows, lighter weight graphite shafts may recover some of the lost speed, thus regaining some lost distance. A switch to a softer flex shaft (senior, A-flex) is also recommended Ladies (All Ages) Graphite shafted irons and woods. The lighter weight graphite shafts are much easier for ladies to swing than heavier steel shafts. These may cost a little more but will be worth it.


Loft angle has a major effect on distance off the tee, so it’s important to choose the correct loft for your driving club. The slower speed swingers (ladies, seniors and some regular flex players) need higher lofted driving clubs. Increased loft will allow a better launch angle, higher trajectory, greater carry, thus more distance! Many players have always thought less loft will get more distance but this is not the case. Faster speed swingers do require less loft to obtain maximum distance. The following information should be helpful in choosing the correct loft for you driving club.


  • LADIES and SENIOR shaft flex players with less than 60 mph (100 km/h) speed swing – 13-15 degrees
  • SENIOR shaft flex players with 60-75 mph (100-120 km/h) speed swing – 12-13 degrees
  • REGULAR shaft flex players with 75-84 mph (120-135 km/h) speed swing – 11-12 degrees
  • STIFF shaft flex players with 84-93 mph (130-150 km/h) speed swing – 10-11 degrees
  • STIFF or X-STIFF shaft players with more than 93 mph (150 km/h) speed swing, 8. 9. 10 degrees

Slicing the ball off the tee may be the single most problem confronting golfers. The face angle of the club has a major effect on accuracy off the tee. Face angles of drivers are open, square or closed. Closed face drivers come 1-6 degrees closed. Slicers need closed face drivers for correction. Expect a 6-9 yard correction in slice for every degree the face is closed if your current driver has a square face angle.

FOR EXAMPLE: You aim for the middle of a 30 yard wide fairway using a square face driver, but your ball ends up 5 yards in the rough. Same shot, using a driver with a face angle 2 degrees closed, your slice would be corrected approximately 10 yards, which puts you 5 yards in the fairway!


There are 4 basic reasons to what affect how far a player can hit a golf ball.

The composition of the golf ball. Some balls go farther than others. Any name brand 100 compression ball will go farther than a 70 compression driving range ball.

Loft of club. Less loft for faster speed swingers = more distance. More loft for slower speed swingers = more distance

Length of club. The longer the club (up to a certain point, see above) the more distance Last and most important is swing speed. The more clubhead speed a golfer can generate at impact, the more distance. Why do you think Tiger Woods hits it as far as he does? He generates 130mph clubhead speed with his driver. Many pro are around 100 – 120 mph clubhead speed. Now manufacturers are limited in trying to help golfers to achieve more distance and we are now at the limited of what can be achieved


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