Caroline Wozniacki fires back at Rory McIlroy: ‘He must move on’

Did Caroline Wozniacki hear about the swipe Rory McIlroy took at her in a recent interview? Yeah … you bet she did.

McIlroy, currently engaged to former PGA of America employee Erica Stoll, was formerly Wozniacki’s fiance before breaking off the relationship in 2014 shortly after sending out wedding invitations.

In the second part of a stellar two-part interview with Paul Kimmage of the Irish Independent, McIlroy got to dishing about his current and past relationships, and he didn’t sugarcoat the differences.

Of his relationship with Stoll versus Wozniacki, a famous tennis star, McIlroy said, “I found it refreshing being with someone who was living a normal life rather than, Oh! My jet is 30 minutes late!”

He later added, “I don’t feel Erica wants to change me in any way. I can be myself around her; there’s no bulls–t, no acting, no show.”

There’s honest and then there’s crossing the line. It’s tricky to say which this is, but Wozniacki was unequivocal.

Ahead of her third-round Australian Open match, Wozniacki noted to the United Kingdom’s The Sun and The Daily Mirror: “I saw (those comments) alright, but I do not really have anything to say. Was I surprised? Yes.”

OK, not that juicy, but Wozniacki elaborated.

Basically, she can’t fathom why McIlroy won’t shut up about their former relationship.

“It’s a little dead by now. It’s three years ago, so I don’t understand why he keeps bringing it up. I don’t think there is any reason to.

“He looks like he is a good place in his life, so surely he must move on.”

It looks like the former World No. 1 isn’t content to sit back and play the silent victim in all of this. McIlroy withdrew from this week’s Abu Dhabi HSBC Championship due to a stress fracture in a rib and could miss more time. He and Stoll have reportedly sent out wedding invitations and will marry in April.

We’ll be interested to see if upon his return McIlroy let’s the war of words end here or continues to fuel the flames.